Improving thePatient Experience

Through Engagement and Education,
PatientOne® Introduces a Modern Fix to Informed Consent

Our Solution


PatientOne® educates patients to make informed decisions about their care, using information that is comprehensive, yet easy to understand. PatientOne® improves the patient experience.



The requirements of 21st century medicine make the paper consent form obsolete. PatientOne's interactive consent solution better prepares patients for procedures--and helps improve population health.



Better informed patients make better decisions. The PatientOne® app is accessible at all times by patients before a procedure, and can be viewed and shared by caretakers, friends, and family. PatientOne® dramatically reduces risk, lowering the overall cost of care.

The PatientOne® Solution

  • Easy setup for you, your team, and your patients
  • Quickly assign tutorials to patients
  • Track patient progress
  • Email notifications for tutorial completion
  • Generate individualized patient completion reports
  • Our Solution

What They Say About Us

Kathleen Hayes RN

Montana Center for Facial Plastic Surgery

The interactive tutorials are better preparing our patients for both their pre-op appointment and procedure. Being able to personally track a patients progress and being assured they are fully informed about post-operative care is a key feature we simply did not have before PatientOne®.

Richard Beighle MD

Board Certified Ophthalmologist

I spent fifteen years on the Montana Medical Legal Panel evaluating claims. Simply put, the ability of the PatientOne® application to prove patient understanding and acknowledgment in a digital record would have eliminated a good majority of those claims.

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